swag-factoryLife shouldn’t always be a transaction

Liz Parsons and Barry Pegus of Swag Design Factory know a lot about their customers and they like it that way. “We like being friends with our customers, and helping them come up with creative ideas for their business,” says Liz. Their vision is to be the digital equivalent of the small community shop you drop by for a friendly chat. Besides locals, their customers come from North America, Sweden, Germany, Eastern Canada and beyond.


Locating from Vancouver to Oceanside six years ago afforded them the opportunity to have the equipment, infrastructure, suppliers, and made-in-Canada materials to produce as much in-house as possible. “There are no impediments here,” says Liz. We have high speed internet, the Comox airport nearby, and a very efficient courier network.

“Life shouldn’t always be a transaction,” says Barry “We like to give back to our community through pro bono work and we support the good work of local organizations like Qualicum Cat Rescue.

Different from their prairie experience, Liz and Barry have also come to appreciate the unique personalities of all the small communities in the region and across the island and hope to spend more time getting to know the communities and the dynamic people who live there.

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