rebound headerAs our local economy rapidly responded to the markets due to the COVID-19 Pandemic bans, an equal response was required, based on the needs of our businesses. A Recovery Plan called Rebound Oceanside was been created for businesses and Not-for-Profit organizations in the Parksville/Qualicum Beach /School District 69 region, to assist businesses through the crisis and minimize the negative impacts of an economic shut down. This program was supported by the Province of British Columbia, WorkBC, and the Parksville & Qualicum Chambers of Commerce. Oceanside Initiatives is working in partnership with the Parksville and Qualicum Beach Chambers of Commerce, the Parksville Qualicum Beach Tourism Association, Parksville Downtown Business Association, and the Lighthouse Country Business Association to manage and coordinate the program.


Rebound Recovery Stories

Horne Lake Caves

Adventure is in the air at Horne Lake on central Vancouver Island where a stunning landscape sets the stage for a feast of outdoor experiences that feeds any appetite from mild to wild. We encourage taking advantage of our year-round guided cave tours where animalistic instincts direct your movements as you meander through a natural underground wonderland. Step out of your comfort zone and discover a new inner strength. Challenge your abilities and see the world through a caver’s eye. When you explore the fascinating realm beyond the surface, you also explore the deepest reaches of yourself.


“I was very grateful for the support offered by Rebound Oceanside to help our business deal with the impacts of Covid-19. At the outset of the pandemic, I was very confused by all the information coming from different sources and felt very overwhelmed. It felt great to know somebody was there to listen and had our backs. Our revenues went to zero and we lost over 2800 school tour participants, quickly draining our bank account. We looked forward to a reopening of the park but needed advice and help paying for PPE and Covid-related expenses that were over and above our usual expenses. Corry and Darren were very friendly and helpful in getting our situation sorted out. A big warm virtual hug to Oceanside Initiatives / Rebound Oceanside in helping us get back to business.”
Richard Varela - Park Director
Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park

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Society of Organized Services (SOS)

SOS is a not-for-profit, registered Canadian Charity. Since 1968, SOS has responded to the needs of individuals and families in District 69. With the support of 350 volunteers, staff, and community collaborations, SOS provides 30 programs and services to all ages, including programs that meet basic needs, as well as programs that promote healthy living and social connections. The SOS Thrift Shop is the key funder of SOS.

Society of Organized Services SOS

Darren Field and Corry Hostetter, Rebound Oceanside program present a cheque to Susanna Newton.

"We are happy to be reopening the SOS Thrift Shop on June 15 and welcoming back our loyal customers. With the support of Rebound Oceanside, we are able to put in place COVID-19 appropriate safety measures, such as enhanced cleaning, hand sanitizers, and directional signs, and ensure that our customers have a great shopping experience."
Susanna Newton, Executive Director
Society of Organized Services (SOS)

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CrossFit Qualicum Beach

Welcome to CrossFit Qualicum Beach. We are dedicated to creating a positive, supportive and inspiring environment where athletes are motivated to be better every day.

CrossFit Qualicum Beach Maggie Bugg

Maggie Bugg with a cheque from Oceanside Initiatives - Rebound Oceanside program.

From first contact with Oceanside Initiatives, we were thrilled with our experience. Their team was so understanding, compassionate, supportive, and positive! We were able to secure much needed assistance that allowed us to expand our offerings during this time of unprecedented challenge. COVID-19 restrictions kept us from being able to share equipment in our fitness facility, a common practice at our business, and thus limited how many members we could accommodate at any given class time. With the financial help of Oceanside Initiatives we were able to purchase more equipment, allowing us to welcome more members back to our facility while keeping them safe during the pandemic. We are so grateful for this opportunity and support and feel confident our business will remain open, allowing us to help as many people as possible to stay healthy and fit for life!
Maggie Bugg
Community Fitness Qualicum Beach

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Island Highlander

Stuart and his wife Bobbie decided to start up a small business baking out of their home in Nanoose Bay, BC. Since the opening of the commercial bakery Stuart and Bobbie provide their British baked goods to local Farmers Markets and specialty shops.

“We are profoundly grateful for the Rebound Oceanside Business Recovery Program. They have supported our business during the pandemic by connecting us with other local businesses. The program has helped us to pivot our business model to attract new local customers, refreshed the perspective on a 10-year-old business, and rebuild our business plan. With the tools that have been given to us, we are confident that we will succeed and grow from this unstable time in our business. I would highly recommend the Rebound Oceanside Business Recovery Program to others.”
Thank you
Bobbie Williams
Island Highlander

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True Touch Therapy

Tracey Babb Pike - Yoga Teacher, Holistic Practitioner, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Tachyon Technology Practitioner. "Discover your inner beauty, strength, confidence and peace, one breath at a time."

"I am most grateful and appreciative of the efforts of Oceanside Initiatives, Parksville/Qualicum and the Rebound Oceanside Program supported here in our community. The team were most supportive, and enthusiastic in helping me and other small businesses in our community, recover after the COVID-19 pandemic, helping in creating a new way of improving our services and giving us the resources we need for survival. Their follow ups, initiatives, & other links to local support were very prompt, helpful and good tools for all businesses, helping us thrive during these hard times. Thanks so much for this possibility, and your efficiency, financially, mentally and physically."
"We Got This"
Tracey Babb Pike
True Touch Therapy

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Oceanside Yoga & Wellness Centre

At Oceanside Yoga we offer a wide range of classes suitable for diverse levels and needs including Vinyasa, Hatha, Gentle Yoga, Restorative and a specialized class called Strength and Balance. Our teachers are highly trained and passionate about teaching yoga to improve range of movement and strength in a safe and inclusive environment. We offer Teacher Training Programs, as well as workshops with wonderful visiting teachers.

Oceanside Yoga 315x420

Theresa Whitely and Ken Lister receive a cheque from the Rebound Oceanside program.

“We were very happy to have Darren at the Rebound Oceanside Program support our re-opening at Oceanside Yoga Centre. Darren gave us some great advice and helped us to sort out our way forward in this difficult time. “
Theresa Whitely
Oceanside Yoga Centre

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Sea Thrift Artisan Boutique and The Bookcase

Sea Thrift Artisan Boutique is a unique little shop found in the heart of Qualicum Beach. Referred to as Qualicum Beach's hidden treasure by our local newspaper, this wee gift shop is full to the brim with locally made wares by over 30 artisans!

Sea Thrift Artisan Boutique and Rebound Oceanside

Albert, Maize and Karalena Walsh of Sea Thrift Artisan Boutique and Darren Field from the Rebound Oceanside program.

"I found that the Oceanside Initiatives Rebound Oceanside program in Parksville/Qualicum Beach was very helpful on many levels. Cheaper promotions on the radio and newspaper is very helpful after covid letting locals know that we were open again, and also to reach new local markets as we are dependent mainly on local support for our small businesses. They also connected me up with other avenues of promoting and such, which will be great for the future. The reimbursement of funds for hand sanitizer and more was much needed and appreciated. Darren, the man who I dealt with was very nice, informative and helpful. All around, I have nothing but praise for the initiatives program."
Thank you
Karalena Walsh
Sea Thrift Artisan Boutique and The Bookcase

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The Old School House

The Old School House Arts Centre, the artistic focal point for the area, is located in the heart of the picturesque community of Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We are a non profit charitable organization who’s mission it is to foster a vibrant arts centre that promotes and encourages the development of multi-dimensional artists and musicians for the enjoyment of all ages, residents and visitors alike, in Qualicum Beach and throughout central Vancouver Island.

"We at The Old School House Art Centre are very grateful for the support of Oceanside Rebound. Darren and his team were quick and effective to pinpoint where they could help and assist with some funding. Personable and caring, the team and Darren should receive high praise for the fantastic work they are doing for our communities."
"We greatly appreciate the help to get back open and help us digitize our many programs here."
Thank you!
Illana Hester, Executive Director
The Old School House Art Centre, Qualicum Beach

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Kelly Corbett

Nanoose Bay artist Kelly Corbett presents her expression of magestic British Columbia. Holding diplomas in both Fine Art (UFV) and Photography Academy, Kelly combines academic training with her natural talent, painting with acrylics. Kelly’s style invites you to take a step outside; a trip through the forest; or an outing by kayak to commune with the natural world.

Kelly Corbett Rebound Oceanside Cheque.

Kelly Corbett with a cheque from Oceanside Initiatives - Rebound Oceanside program.

"I highly recommend the Oceanside Initiatives Rebound Oceanside Business Recovery Plan. The resources they offered to small businesses during this Pandemic crisis was invaluable. I greatly appreciate the time and attention that the team put into helping my business move further into the digital market. I truly believe the support from the Rebound Oceanside Plan is going to make a big difference in the future of my business."
Thanks so much!
Kelly Corbett, Artist

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D-Stress Fitness

Dedicated Wellness Trainers honored to support you - to find more Peace, get Healthier & be Happier!!! Interactive, Informative IN-PERSON & ONLINE Wholistic Wellness Events, Services, Classes, Programs & Products.

“We would like to express our appreciation to Rebound Oceanside Program, the entire LeapZone Strategies team, especially Coach Jim, for their guidance and assistance in our efforts to bounce back from COVID-19 and continue to grow and thrive as a new company in the recreation and tourism industry in our area."
"Everyone has been very flexible to our unique business needs and our ever-changing customer engagement landscape. Although, we have just begun implementing the suggested strategies. We are very optimistic about our immediate future and our long-term stability to fulfill our mission to contribute to the health and wellbeing of others – the support and resources of Rebound Oceanside Program and LeapZone Strategies has been invaluable."
From our ♥ to yours, Namaste
Cindy & Stephane Walker
D-Stress Fitness™ INC.

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Parksville Senior's Centre

The Parksville Senior’s Activity & Drop-In Centre offers seniors (55 and up) a warm, safe place to get together with friends or to meet and make new friends and offers various games and physical activities that will allow seniors to enhance their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Parksville Seniors Centre Rebound Cheque.

 "The Parksville Seniors Centre is so pleased to receive a cheque for $373.71 from Oceanside Initiatives and the Rebound Oceanside Program to assist us in the purchase of hand sanitizers, masks, cleaning sprays, and gloves. Thank you so much for your support during Covid-19, and helping us to make the preparations for our re-opening."
Liz Hintz & Patti Cloutier
Parksville Seniors Activity & Drop-in Centre

Find out more about the Parksville Seniors' Activity and Drop-in Centre.


Arbutus Fashion & Lifestyle

...offering the latest in women's fashions and sterling silver jewellery as well as local artwork In the heart of downtown Qualicum Beach.


"Reopening my small business after over a 2-month closure due to the Covid19 pandemic is what I call “passion over sanity”. Suddenly, when we closed there was no income but still bills for the store full of new seasonal inventory that had arrived, utilities overhead such as: hydro, phone, internet, insurance, security cameras & alarm system. To date, our landlord is still expecting the full rental arrears to be paid too. The new reopening has been happily (we love seeing everyone again) exhausting with the COVID safety protocols of keeping our friends & customers safe ( making sure they’re using the hand sanitizer, social distancing and/or using a face mask & not putting clothes back that they have tried on so that we can retreat the garments). The local community has been wonderful and our Chamber of Commerce always very supportive of all businesses and shopping local. Thanks to the many Chamber of Commerce email newsletters to business members and zoom meetings, I first heard about Rebound Oceanside and Oceanside Initiatives when I was pondering over the best way to go forward in reopening the store. Both Rebound Oceanside and Oceanside Initiatives programs were there to help with business resiliency, perfect timing for me to contact them for advice & help. Being a “small brick & mortar store” with minimal online presence, Rebound Oceanside & Oceanside Initiatives is technically & financially helping me to expand fully on an e-commerce platform with a store website as well as training me (a single mom who never had time & now a senior lol) to be more tech savvy with an online presence. This will all be so helpful with store sales with shoppers that want to shop from home. As during the closure period we only had an Arbutus Fashion Facebook page with a few postings offering to do video shopping and free delivery, including any pickups from my fellow merchants, such as medicine shop or health food store...and I did a delivery of dresses with a couple bottles of wine! Having been in the fashion business in Qualicum Beach for over 24 years it’s always been a pleasure having the social interactions & providing service. It’s always been my motto of being fun & affordable. And with an expanded e-commerce presence I look forward to connecting with friends & customers that aren’t able to visit our store locally."
Jean Young
Arbutus Fashion & Lifestyle

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Academy of Music and Art Parksville

Artisans Michael & Els Schutte.

Academy of Music and Art Rebound Oceanside Cheque.

Michael and Els Schutte of the Academy of Music and Art with a cheque from the Rebound Oceanside program.

"We heard about the Oceanside Initiatives Rebound Oceanside Program Support and spoke to Darren about our difficult situation. Because of the Covid-19 situation, we lost 70% of our clients and needed some support. Darren listened very well to our problems and did his utmost to come up with support. We got financial support for some advertising. Thanks to Darren we received also support from DER3 Program where Sharon gave us excellent advice on how to improve our Website.
Overall, very nice friendly people with a good understanding of our situation. Thank you so much for doing this, we appreciate it."
Michael and Els Schutte,
Academy of Music and Art Parksville.

More about the Academy of Music and Art Parksville.


Swell Sweets

We are in the business of making people happy and helping to show others that they care. We also sell Chocolate, Candy & Greeting Cards!

Swell Sweets Robin Bruner

Robin Bruner from Swell Sweets with a cheque from Oceanside Initiatives - Rebound Oceanside program.

"The support my business received from Oceanside Initiatives and the Rebound Oceanside Program was like a neighbourly helping-hand at a time of uncertainty and stress for small business in this area. The funding I received helped me to plan for the future, while adapting to the new retail environment today. Programs like this help small businesses implement small changes that can have big results in the long run. It was also refreshing to have a local contact who understood the unique challenges in our particular market. I’m very grateful for the support, and urge other business owners to reach out."
Robin Bruner

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Full Circle Esthetics

Located in beautiful Qualicum Beach BC, Full Circle Esthetics has been successfully operating since 2005 and continues to evolve and grow. Our aim is to educate and enhance your inner and outer beauty by providing trusted professional services with premium products in a soothing, hygienic, healthy environment.

Full Circle Esthetics Susan Sprinkling 315x431

Corry Hostetter from Oceanside Initiatives with a cheque for Susan Sprinkling from Full Circle Esthetics.

"I really appreciate everything Oceanside Initiatives and the Rebound Oceanside Program have done to support my business. I feel so blessed to live in such a great community that stands behind and supports small business. You have lessened these stresses with your friendly supportive resolutions to help protect and keep my business resilient. For this I am thankful."
Susan Sprinkling
Full Circle Esthetics

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Courtyard Café and Patio

Crêperie in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia. We serve all the specialty coffees you can imagine and brew up locally roasted Creekmore organic coffee. We also specialize in CREPES!! the whole menu is filled with something on, made of or wrapped up in a CREPE.

Courtyard Cafe Peter and Meryl Tryon 

"With the ever-changing times during this pandemic we were unsure of where and who to ask about any supports available to us. A call to the Oceanside Initiatives office and we got a visit from a member of their team. We had a plan for indoor seating in our cafe and the Rebound Oceanside Program provided financial assistance to help with some of the added costs. The Oceanside Initiatives office and the Rebound Oceanside Program has given us the encouragement needed during the COVID-19 pandemic."
Meryl and Peter Tryon
Courtyard Cafe and Patio

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Cascadia Martial Arts

We are the leading martial arts school and fitness center in Parksville and we offer the highest quality self-defence training and fitness expertise to both kids and adults.

Cascadia Martial Arts Dustin Fee

Dustin Fee with a cheque from Oceanside Initiatives - Rebound Oceanside program.

"Oceanside Initiatives’ Rebound Oceanside Program has made a profoundly positive impact on our business. We learned a lot from the Rebound team on what we can do, as a business, to continue to stay afloat during these turbulent times. We also received a small business grant, which has allowed us to invest in a floor scrubbing machine to keep our mats super clean, the staff and members love it ...Thank you Rebound Oceanside!"
Brett Fee & Dustin Fee
Cascadia Martial Arts

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